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Not that 3 weeks in the woods with the lesbians wasn't great, because it was. But oh, the simple pleasure of a cup of strong tea in a china mug, a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon, and my email first thing in the morning, all in the comfort of my big red's not to be sneezed at either. And don't even get me started about my own soft bed with the bathroom right down the hall.

Today is transition day (yesterday was zombie day). I need to do a certifiable shit-ton of laundry and also clean away the evidence of two pets running wild in our home for 3 weeks. Then tomorrow, school starts up again. I need to look at my schedule, since I've no idea what I'm doing, at all. AND I've got practice today also.

However, yesterday we did get one thing accomplished. The fridge is fully stocked, and there's Vietnam Kitchen leftovers for lunch, so all is good in foodland. Plus I bought school supplies (a secret addiction of mine...the pre-semester trip to office depot is super fun!)

Home is good. And my fabulous kid (who started his SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL while I was away) is coming home tonight, to tell me all about his trip to alaska and working on the school paper. Plus, there's the last 3 episodes of Six Feet Under. And ice cream.

But not all of you. Miss you like crazy,



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