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It's been bumming me out to not write about this on facebook, but a friend suggested I keep the accident off of there, in case we end up in a lawsuit.

However, if you didn't catch it for the half day my post was up, my (new to me, wonderful) car was t-boned in the parking lot of my favorite local grocery last week. I was making a left turn, while the traffic was stopped for the light, and the guy to my right waved me across. Woman came up behind 3 stopped cars, swung around them on the right, drove up onto the curb, and hit me while I was pulling into the parking lot. Then she straightened out her car and stopped in the road. Total damage to her car: the vanity plate on the front fell off.


After the accident, she was perfectly fine to rummage around in her backseat for something, but by the time the FIRETRUCK AND AMBULANCE she'd called showed up, she was unable to even open her car door for the officers. Paramedics carried her to the stretcher, then she left in an ambulance. When I asked the paramedics if she was okay, the guy ROLLED HIS EYES at me and said "oh, she's FINE".

The cops say there's no one clearly at fault since I say she was driving illegally, and she says there was no other traffic there at all, I just randomly pulled in front of her as she was driving down the road.

If I get found at fault, I have to pay to fix her (vanity plate), for her trip to the ER in ambulance, the ER visit...could be a massive amount of money. If she's found at fault, then she has to pay to fix my car. On the positive side, the dent in my car is clearly on an angle, because her wheel was up on the curb. So I'm feeling hopeful, but without a police report that clearly says she was at fault, it could still go either way. Also, the cashier in the grocery watched her dig around in her backseat (before she was unable to move enough to even open her car door) I've got some support for the argument against any injury. Still. It could be A LOT of money. Please think good thoughts.

The waiting to find out is driving me NUTS.
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