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It's my last day here in California, and I am sick and miserable...but it's making me so happy to read people's year-round-up. It's inspiring me to write a little, and as always, the daily fashion game makes me smile. Plus, it's my very last day in lesbian garanimals (single suitcase, four months). So, for the curious, here's what I'm wearing today (along with city of purchase, since it occurred to me that I'm wearing mostly purchases from the road:

Wooly purple and red slippers (bought onine and mailed to Biddeford, Maine)
(later red cowboy boots, bought online and mailed to Walhalla)
Black wool tights (sock man, manhattan)
Black and grey striped leg warmers that used to be tights, and then were thigh high stockings and now are legwarmers.
Old Navy denim pencil skirt (purchased in Brooklyn, I think, to replace the same skirt after it ripped in Syracuse)
Purple cotton long sleeved scoop-necked tshirt (Durham, I think, at the Whole Foods)
Blue/grey/greenish merino long sleeved shawl-collared long sweater with pockets (Ottawa)
Purple fingerless gloves made of merino/possum (yarn shop in Toronto)
Black wool sheep hat (knit by me on the road, mostly in OMB's livingroom, I think)

There's no heat where I'm staying, can you tell? Plus, you know...sick.

Play with me? Pretty please? I could use the distraction.

Date: 2012-01-06 02:02 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Currently I'm wearing a low-cut ancient black rayon knit nightie, a newish black cotton jersey an lace short housecoat, grey cotton leggings and a baby girl attached to my left breast. The baby is wearing ridiculously and uncharacteristicly pink footed jammies that have horses all over them.
I'll update again when we actually get dressed!

PS: if I had to name the colour of that sweater, it would be Ocean Fog.

Date: 2012-01-07 01:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I ended up wearing black yoga pants in lieu of tights, a black bedazzled (silver and brass studs in concentric arcs following the neckline) tunic that is sleeveless and has a low scoop neck and a charcoal grey long drapey sweater that had bedazzling on the back panel.
I made an effort cause I was getting a haircut today and I believe that looking your best at the hairdresser makes you get a haircut that reflects your personal style at its best.
I got a pretty good haircut: a variation of my same old' same ol' but a bit longer and with slightly different bangs.


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