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...but I'm actually updating my lj, for the first time in months. Phew.

Okay, start small. It's springtime, y'all! There's birds singing every morning, the lemon tree just burst into bloom yesterday, and I've already got some tiny tomato action going on in the nano-farm outside my door (2 10 gallon galvanized steel tubs). And it's 68 degrees (at 10:30 am) as I write this. I'm always amazed at how fast spring goes here. One moment it's still cold and damp, and the next EVERYTHING is blooming and the grass is going nuts.

I survived my third mardi gras, mostly by only doing the stuff I like (several lovely parades) but not as much of the stuff I don't like (drunken carousing in the quarter). This is not to say that there's anything WRONG with the drunken carousing...I enjoy the pictures. But frankly, big crowds of drunk people are way on my top 5 least favorite things list, no matter how spectacularly decorated they are.

And yesterday, M and I went to the St. Patrick's Day parade, which I have wanted to attend since back when I still lived in Louisville. They throw PRODUCE from the floats, it's perfect for me! We caught SEVEN cabbages, one of which I made into colcannon for dinner last night, and there's corned beef and cabbage planned for later today. And drunk irishmen give you lots and lots of flowers, which is fun but also weird...many men asked me if I really was 'delicious'. To which is the answer is, of course, yes...but you'll never find out.

Since I last wrote, I studied like a maniac for my comprenhensive exams, which I've passed. One more hoop closer to being ABD....I have my spanish translation exam at the end of the month (as well as defending my dissertation prospectus) then orals at the end of April, and then I'm free of Tulane for the foreseeable future. My fellowship runs out at the end of May, and then I don't get paid anymore, though. Eeep. I think I'm going to be fine until I get to the woods, and I'm subletting out my place for the summer and onward. Lots of big change afoot, and big plans for my research year, but that's a post for another time.

So. Nothing giant to report, but look at me, breaking the seal.


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