Jun. 16th, 2015

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I know, I never write here anymore. But I DO still read this, once a week or so...except I hadn't since arriving here at Walhalla. And this morning you were all right here. It was like sitting down for tea and a check in with a bunch of people. So good- thanks for sharing what's going on in your lives.

It's surprisingly good being here this summer, after last year's oh so hard. Probably this is because (although I'm sad about the ending), I HATE not knowing the plan. At least now we know. But I'm taking on lots of new big things, which was true last year as well, and even when that sucks, it's a comfort to say "well, at least I won't be doing THAT again." Last year was all big new things and TENSION, all the time. I'm a delicate flower: it was really hard, and I was entirely certain that this would be my last Walhalla year.

Today, for instance, here in the cone that is LJ, I'll be scheduling all the workshops (on the order of 300 or so) into 24 areas, trying to meet hundreds of women's particular needs around shade, ground flatness, and availablity of stuff that we already said they can't have. It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and I'm going to spread it all out on a pool table (because dykes) and hope for the best. Fingers crossed that I don't put Treehugging and Self Care into the same spot/same time as Cuddle Dating. Although I suppose you could cuddle a tree.

Anyway. It was good to have the reminder that we're all still here. Perhaps I'll have some feelings, later on. But for now, I'm going to go gird my loins with 3 sizes of post-its, 3 colors of highlighters, and half a ream of paper.

Wish me luck.



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