Jan. 18th, 2012

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Kind of shocking. But I had this big epiphany today, and I want to share it...I've been busy house-setting-up: painting, moving my limited furniture around, and pretending the pile of boxes is really a dresser. And so far, I really don't use my (pretty large) living room AT ALL. Maybe I sit in my big red chair once a day, but mostly I hang out in the office/dining room. It's a great space, lots of woodwork, a big bright window, and most of my favorite stuff. I just curb-scavenged this great little ancient sleeper sofa, and it's so comfy, I really never leave.

I've been kicking around names for the room...because frankly office/dining room leaves a little to be desired. In our Iberville house, my room was the library, but the books are all going to be in the living room, so that doesn't work. I've been jokingly calling it the multi-purpose room, but that sucks too. And this morning, when I was moving the (insanely heavy) little sofa to it's 3rd spot in 3 days, I had this total moment. I remembered being a kid, and visiting my grandma's house. Now, most of the house was either public space or Grandpa's space. He had a big office, and the whole labyrinthine basement was his workshop...but when I was very very good, I got to hang out in Grandma's 'bunny room'. God only knows why it was called that, I can't ask, they're both dead. But Grandma's bunny room had her desk, and her sewing things, and shelves with beautiful plants, and a cozy little sofa, and it was my favorite place in the whole house.

So you know, apparently I have a bunny room.


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