Oct. 17th, 2010

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I'd give y'all a play-by-play, but it would take a really long time. Here's some highlights:

The conference was, well...contentious is the word I've been using. Our panel went well, although we ended up throwing out our academic papers and just talking, both about our research and the impact working at fest has had on our own personal research. It TOTALLY was the wrong crowd for presentation of a research paper. The folks that DID read papers either lost their audience's attention, or their ACTUAL audience. Also, there was an enormous amount of intergenerational conflict, with many older women saying over and over that the young women these days, they all want to cut off their breasts and become men, or have no political analysis, or can't get past heterosexual role playing, or....

It was kind of crazy. Lots of conflict about michigan, lots of people talking past and not to one another, interspersed with moments of amazing brilliance (Urvashi Vaid's section of the 2nd plenary, for instance). I was REALLY GLAD I'd brought my own affinity group along, since many fest womyn were present. Perhaps I'll write longer about the experience at another time. It could definitely be a post of its own.

I died in at Grand Central Station, part of a protest to raise awareness of queer teen suicide: http://gothamist.com/2010/10/09/video_lgbt_flash_mob_stages_die-in.php It was an amazing and spur of the moment decision to join the action, but I'm really glad I did it, and so fun to run into New Yorkers I knew at the event.

Had brunch with 40 fest womyn (some I know well, some not) at omb's beautiful workplace http://www.marcforgione.com. Lovely food, giant very loud crowd of dykes, many hugs. It was splendid to see everyone, but as is my usual feedback after one of these things...I really wanted a half hour alone to hang out with many of the women. I'm just NOT GOOD at socializing in huge crowds. Great to see everyone, though, even if I needed a little lie-down in a quiet room afterwards.

Had many splendid inexpensive meals with many lovely women, although somehow I didn't eat either dim sum or ethiopian food, both of which were on my wish list. I DID go to spa castle, though, thanks to the lovely omb and dana for a day of nudity with lots of strangers, perhaps the cleanest I've been in quite some time. 60,000 square feet of hot water, jets, saunas, and sort of group insanity with hot water. You should totally go, it's crazy good http://nyspacastle.com/eng/main/main.php

Oh, and got treated to tickets for Toshi/Dar Williams on my last night, which was delightful. Toshi didn't play very long, but the whole show was grand, and I feel very lucky to have gotten to go. Did some self-care, through positional therapy with the lovely Emily, so I'm walking a little taller than when I left. Mostly, though, I didn't go SEE STUFF, I hung out with people...got drunk with massage therapists on yoga balls, ate ramen with a dinosaur, went to TWO WINE BARS (god, who am I?), drank many cups of tea and ate many lovely bagels.

Overall, an entirely splendid trip, made way richer by many splendid people.


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